Pierre De Loor
Pierre De Loor
Pierre De Loor

Full Professor at the National Engineer School of Brest (UEB).
Head of the team 'Human System Interaction and Virtual Environment' of the Lab-STICC/CNRS Laboratory.

Keywords : Computer Science, Articifial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cognitive Science

My main interests are in interactive artificial intelligence and cognitive science. In conjonction with the development of automous model for participative simulation, I'm interested in the basis of autonomy. This work lead me to the enactive field of cognitive science and to the open question on the possibility of connections between this field and computer simulation or artificial intelligence. In this perspective I'm interested in phenomenology, constructivism and art.

Extended Keywords: Interactive AI, Constructivist AI, Virtual Reality, Co-Construction, Artificial Dynamical Cognition, Enaction, Phenomenology, Art, Cultural Heritage
Tools : Recurrent Neural Networks, Context Based Reasoning, Classifier systems, Multiagent simulation.

Short presentation :

Pierre De Loor is professor at the Lab-STICC laboratory (CNRS, UMR 6285). He is the research group co-leader of the IHSEV team (Human System Interaction and Virtual Environment) since 2012. He was the Head of the European Center for Virtual Reality (CERV) during 3 years 1/2. He wrote his doctoral thesis in Automatic, Signal and Software engineering (1996) and his Accreditation to Direct Research (HDR) in Computer Science (2006). Co-author of dozens of international papers, he works on the link beetween artificial intelligence, cognitive science and virtual reality. He's also interrested on phenomenology, epistemology and links between art and sciences.

Professeur des universités à l'Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest (UEB).
Co-responsable de l'équipe 'Interaction Humain Système et Environnement Virtuel' du Lab-STICC/CNRS.

Mots-clés : Intelligence Artificielle, Réalité Virtuelle, Sciences de la cognition

Pierre De Loor