Cédric BUCHE


2019-2022 prog4Yu funded by ANR human/cobot interaction
Collaboration with Lig, Lip, ProtoTIG
2015-2018 SOMBRERO funded by ANR human/robot interaction
Collaboration with Lig, Gipsa-Lab, Aldebaran, Lip
2011-2013 SIFORAS funded by FUI 11 Simulation for Training and Support
Collaboration with Alsthom, Dcns, Nexter, Renault, Sncf, DAF Conseil, DELTACAD, Virtualys, CEA LIST, INSA Rennes, ENISE

Industrial contracts

2016-2018 HYPERION funded by Ericsson Object detection for tennis
Collaboration with Rennes 2, IRISA, ENSTA Bretagne, TICATAG
2015-2020 PREDICT funded by Diagnostica Stago Medical Decision Aid
2015-2018 CHAMELEON3 funded by Virtualys Believable behaviour assessment
2012-2016 STDI funded by STDI-EMD Decision-making analysis for multimedia training
2012-2015 CHAMELEON2 funded by Virtualys Data mining for believable behaviour
2012 CRAKEN funded by DCNS Collective intelligence for multicultuRal Activities in Knowledge based virtual ENvironnements
Collaboration with UTC, ECAM Rennes, ENSTA Bretagne, DCNS, I-MAGINER, DAESIGN, STUDEC
2010-2015 IVET funded by Diagnostica Stago Medical training using virtual reality
2008-2011 CHAMELEON funded by Virtualys Adaptive individual behaviour