Cindy Even

Centre Européen de Réalité Virtuelle
Bureau 013
25 rue Claude Chappe
29280 Plouzané

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Tel. Bureau : +33 (0)2 98 05 89 68

Virtualys Cifre

I'm currently a PhD Student

I'm a CIFRE fellow employed by Virtualys and enrolled in a doctoral course in the Lab-STICC - IHSEV team - CNRS UMR 6285.
Title : Believable behaviours by imitation of human behaviour in virtual environment.
Supervision : Cédric Buche - thesis director and Anne-Gwenn Bosser - co-supervisor
Expected : October 2018.

Master thesis - Rehabilitation Project

We propose to use an emotional conversational agent (ECA) in combination with a narrative generation engine issued from interactive storytelling research to provide varied situation. This approach reflects the combination of both role-play and problem solving exercises on which remediation therapies rely, and has the potential to support patient's progress and motivation through the rehabilitation programme.
Supervision : Anne-Gwenn Bosser and Cédric Buche
Collaborations : Hospital Bohars (CHRU Brest, Fr); Teesside University (UK), Intelligent Virtual Environment Lab; Florida International University (USA), Affective Social Computing Lab

Publications :
  1. C. Even
    Master thesis report : Therapeutic game based on narrative generation techniques for Schizophrenia (pdf)
  2. C. Even, A-G. Bosser, J. F. Ferreira, C. Buche, F. Stephan, M. Cavazza and C. Lisetti
    Supporting Social Skills Rehabilitation with Virtual Storytelling
    29th International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference (FLAIRS) ,
    pages 329-334, AAAI Press, 2016