Date : 7 january 2019

The following programs are supposed to work on Ubuntu 18.04 and Centos 7.


The default eclipse in ubuntu deposits is for java-coding.

The previous version ( eclipse luna ) can be downloaded here :

Verify that /local/sdk_elec folder is in the PATH :

As a result, the following commands are known :

Qt5 + QtCreator

get the open source qtcreator at :


Pixy CAM

Scilab + X2C


I don’t recommand the last scilab version ( v6 ) since all libraries work with v5.5.2 only.

There’s a bug with scilab 5.5.2 on ubuntu 18.04. This can be resolved with :


maybe you’ll have to open scilab this way ( in a bash term ) :

Atom Serial module

in scilab : Application –> Module Manager - ATOMS : WG Serial XCOS IO Block

X2C library ( modified )

  1. Download X2C_ENIB
  2. Unzip ( let’s call this folder [X2C_ROOT] )
  3. Add :
  1. Execute ( or reboot )
  2. Start Scilab and execute X2C/System/Scilab/Scripts/setup.sce

X2C library ( starting with original lib )

  1. Download on : ( take the v900 in Downloads/Archive)
  2. Unzip in [X2C_ROOT]
  3. Add :
  1. Execute ( or reboot )
  2. Replace [X2C_ROOT]/Controller/Common/Target.h with Target.h

REM the project makefile must have : STM32F446_ENIB

  1. Download ENIB LIB

unzip in X2C/Library/

  1. Start Scilab and execute X2C/System/Scilab/Scripts/setup.sce

if compilation is needed : X2C/System/Scilab/Scripts/initX2C(%t)

Uninstall X2C

in scilab : initX2C(%f)
it can be necessary to remove ~/.Scilab

Creating Blocks

open X2C/System/Java/BlockGenerator.jar ( works on windows only ).

Then in BIB library ( X2C/Library/BIB), we’ll find :

Modify X2C/library/BIB/Controller/src/comp.c

change ID Value in X2C/library/BIB/Controller/src/comp.h

if there is tuning parameters through dialog box in the block :

Download and install Eclipse-java:

Open a workspace BIB/Conversion/Java/
Modify BIB/Conversion/Java/src/at/lcm/x2c/library/BIB/ source, then compile on Eclipse.

Compilation in Scilab (run scilab as root):

Android Studio

Download at :

you’ll need to update usb rights :