IDE Eclipse

Download project sources, let’s consider a workspace WORKSPACE


In a first terminal :

Nucleo-F411 / F446 board :

Nucleo-F103 board :


In an other terminal :

when opening, choose : workspace : WORKSPACE

you’ll see the project tree in Project Explorer window.

Building the project : Project –> build All ( CTRL+B )

If there is no errors in the code, this should create a .elf

Debugging the project : Turn to Debug panel :

then press the bug button and choose stm32..

Supposing openocd is running, the program (*.elf) should be loaded in the target.

You’ll have to run it with F8 shortcut.

Then you can add breakpoints and observe datas.

Flashing the microcontroller

If we want our program starts on power on or on reset, we have to flash the memory.
We suppose we have debugged already our program.
shut down openocd if it’s running already.

In a terminal:

go to the folder where there is the executable file, here template.elf

Nucleo-F411 board:

Nucleo-F103 board: