Cédric BUCHE


Full Professor (computer science) at the National Engineering School of Brest (ENIB) - CNU 27
Professor (by courtesy) at the University of Miami (UM)

Research domain : Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Robotics, Video games

Working at the European Center for Virtual Reality (CERV)
Member of the IHSEV team of the Lab-STICC Labs UMR 6285 - CNRS
Artificial Intelligence Program leader for the Lab-STICC
In charge of the RoboBreizh team


Habilitation Thesis     (2012)                PDF
Title : "Adaptive behaviors for virtual entities in participatory virtual environments"

PhD Thesis    (2005)                              PDF
Title : "Un système tutoriel intelligent et adaptatif pour l'apprentissage de compétences en environnement virtuel de formation"